Strike Losses Will Make People Happy to Win in Lottery Online

Many people keep coming back to betting togel sgp jitu even though they are losing the game but they do it because they have reasons. Many people keep coming back to the online casino to play because they have won before. When they get their winnings, they will try again because they are so sure they can win again. However, what about the losers? Even though they lose the game, it doesn’t make them give up on betting lottery and some of them are still trying to get what they lost. It can be proved by science that losers may feel in the rush when they have to lose the game.

Losing the Lottery Game of Gambling Online can Bring the Real Happiness

According to some studies done related to gambling, people will keep coming back to betting lottery even when they lose the game. It is because their body produces the endorphins and adrenalin. It means people pay for entertainment. There was a study in 2009 done by Stanford University in California and it showed that majority of people do gamble in responsibility and around 92% of the participants showed the sign of “loss threshold”. The study also showed that people who kept losing more and more will diminish the enjoyment of gambling.

They will lose the excitement of gambling because they never win. According to the study, people have already satisfied with small win and they might tolerate the smaller loss. However, when they keep losing the money in the long run of the game, they will lose the purpose to gamble. However, despite the disappointment, they will increase the enjoyment to get the small win. All players want the high expectation to win the game. Since the winning expectation is lowering during the losing hits, the win will make people spend more.

It has connection to the neurotransmitter dopamine which will associate with the emotional change and also pleasure in the brain. It means, those who lose will be so proud of themselves when they win and they can respect the winning from the game. When they lose the game, they will not expect to get high result and they will focus on the small win only and it will make them happy. If people lose, they will lower the expectation and it will increase the happiness once they get the win finally after several losses.

You might be so happier when you win the game after losing the game though it is not your expectation at all. People are sad when they lose their money in lottery online but once they get the win they are waiting for, they will appreciate it so much though the amount is smaller than what you lost before on the game.

Never Play Slot Machine with Progressive Jackpot in Gambling Online

Some gambling games are not favoring players and most of them will favor the casino site. In fact, all games are exciting and also entertaining but not all of them can grant your wish to become rich. If you win gambling online, you can get money. However, if you want much money as the income, you have to know how to choose the game properly. You must know which game you must avoid and one of them is absolutely slot machine. The fact is, casino make money mostly from slot machine compared to the card games.

The annual revenue can be around 80% and it came from slot machine only. Though few of them offer the low house edge, you will lose more on average than win the game. Probably, you need to hit around 500 to 800 or even 1000 spins and imagine how much money you will spend just for one machine only. This game has the high risk to lose especially if you choose the progressive machine. It is true that this game has progressive jackpot and the amount of money will increase every second.

However, the chance of winning the game by hitting the progressive jackpot is so low so it is not worth your money and time. Slot machine is not suitable for long-term play especially when you want to use gambling as your second income. One of the machine types you must avoid is the penny machine. This is the mixture between poker and also slot you can get from any site you want. Though this machine will pay you out, you have to lose much money first. This machine will require you the countless hours to play.

You have to spend much money and time before seeing the return significantly. Those machines are designed and created to make you sucked in and playing for more than one hour. Before realizing it, you will be bored because you have spent much money to win big in gambling online and you have to avoid it.