Strike Losses Will Make People Happy to Win in Lottery Online

Many people keep coming back to betting togel sgp jitu even though they are losing the game but they do it because they have reasons. Many people keep coming back to the online casino to play because they have won before. When they get their winnings, they will try again because they are so sure they can win again. However, what about the losers? Even though they lose the game, it doesn’t make them give up on betting lottery and some of them are still trying to get what they lost. It can be proved by science that losers may feel in the rush when they have to lose the game.

Losing the Lottery Game of Gambling Online can Bring the Real Happiness

According to some studies done related to gambling, people will keep coming back to betting lottery even when they lose the game. It is because their body produces the endorphins and adrenalin. It means people pay for entertainment. There was a study in 2009 done by Stanford University in California and it showed that majority of people do gamble in responsibility and around 92% of the participants showed the sign of “loss threshold”. The study also showed that people who kept losing more and more will diminish the enjoyment of gambling.

They will lose the excitement of gambling because they never win. According to the study, people have already satisfied with small win and they might tolerate the smaller loss. However, when they keep losing the money in the long run of the game, they will lose the purpose to gamble. However, despite the disappointment, they will increase the enjoyment to get the small win. All players want the high expectation to win the game. Since the winning expectation is lowering during the losing hits, the win will make people spend more.

It has connection to the neurotransmitter dopamine which will associate with the emotional change and also pleasure in the brain. It means, those who lose will be so proud of themselves when they win and they can respect the winning from the game. When they lose the game, they will not expect to get high result and they will focus on the small win only and it will make them happy. If people lose, they will lower the expectation and it will increase the happiness once they get the win finally after several losses.

You might be so happier when you win the game after losing the game though it is not your expectation at all. People are sad when they lose their money in lottery online but once they get the win they are waiting for, they will appreciate it so much though the amount is smaller than what you lost before on the game.

Never Play Slot Machine with Progressive Jackpot in Gambling Online

Some gambling games are not favoring players and most of them will favor the casino site. In fact, all games are exciting and also entertaining but not all of them can grant your wish to become rich. If you win gambling online, you can get money. However, if you want much money as the income, you have to know how to choose the game properly. You must know which game you must avoid and one of them is absolutely slot machine. The fact is, casino make money mostly from slot machine compared to the card games.

The annual revenue can be around 80% and it came from slot machine only. Though few of them offer the low house edge, you will lose more on average than win the game. Probably, you need to hit around 500 to 800 or even 1000 spins and imagine how much money you will spend just for one machine only. This game has the high risk to lose especially if you choose the progressive machine. It is true that this game has progressive jackpot and the amount of money will increase every second.

However, the chance of winning the game by hitting the progressive jackpot is so low so it is not worth your money and time. Slot machine is not suitable for long-term play especially when you want to use gambling as your second income. One of the machine types you must avoid is the penny machine. This is the mixture between poker and also slot you can get from any site you want. Though this machine will pay you out, you have to lose much money first. This machine will require you the countless hours to play.

You have to spend much money and time before seeing the return significantly. Those machines are designed and created to make you sucked in and playing for more than one hour. Before realizing it, you will be bored because you have spent much money to win big in gambling online and you have to avoid it.

How to Increase The Winning Chance in Keno of Gambling Online

Many players want to know about the Keno strategy in sbobet88 so they can get the best result and also the highest prize. When you choose the chance game or luck game to gamble, you need to realize that all of them don’t have exact proper strategy to win the money prize. It means, you have to accept the reality that you only have luck to help. Other things will not help you even the strategies. Keno is no exception because you can’t make all your chosen numbers to be shown up completely. In sbobet88, Keno is a fun game because it is similar like lottery and you just need to rely on luck.

Keno Outcome is Controlled by RNG in Gambling Online

You can say that sbobet88 site is the home of many variations of game you can bet. Those who want to take the break from any slot machine and also table game can choose Keno as the entertainment. Keno is the best lottery-styled game which is so easy to play. For some people, they might be intimidated by so many numbers there. Some of them might think they have to calculate or count the numbers using formula or anything. However, you are so wrong about it since it is so easy.

Keno is considered to be the chance ot luck game. It means, you don’t have to make any strategy to win this game. It is because Keno in sbobet88 is already controlled by RNG or Random Number Generator just like other games you find in the casino site. However, some people might still hope for the best result from Keno and that is why, they want to use the strategy in picking the numbers to help them win the game. Somehow, there are many players who can win using the strategies to but the Keno tickets.

The total payout of Keno may depend on how many matching numbers you got from the outcome and also the total bet you spend to buy the numbers. However, you need to know about how many players bet in this game too. There are only 20 numbers which are drawn in every game of Keno and after that, the session is done. However, you can have the chance to buy so many tickets to make sure that your numbers will be shown up. The more numbers you buy, the more winning chance you get.

The Best Strategy to Win Keno in Gambling Online

The perfect strategy you need to do in this game is looking for the odds of Keno. Luck is something you need to win and by knowing the odds of the game, you will know how much you can get at the end if you win. What you need to see is the overall rating of the payout from this game for each bet you place on the game. You need to choose Keno game that has the high RTP and it offers the decent rewards for some matching numbers. It means, you will get the prize even though just a little if you have the few matching numbers.

However, choosing fewer numbers are also best for you. This can be considered as the strategy too. It may help you to preserve your own bankroll. However, it may give the better opportunities to get the winning money though it may be for the smaller amount only. If you select the fewer numbers, you may also increase the winning chance and make some money instead of wanting the large win in the single game. Players must avoid any betting system which is not so proven. This will not help at all.

You have to focus on placing the bets without considering anything. However, though you place the bets on fewer numbers, you should choose the numbers carefully and you can’t just place your bet on any number because it will be dangerous. It is because you place the bet with real money and you might lose when your numbers are not shown up on the screen. This is something you have to understand and somehow, you can choose the numbers that have already shown up previously.

There is a limit in your loss and also win in sbobet88. You can spend and lose more if you play chance game such as Keno. Though the outcome is controlled by RNG, you can choose some numbers you have seen before on the previous game. It means, you can bet on the same numbers again that have appeared more than other numbers. This is something you have to know from the game and use the strategy to trigger the jackpot and win the game.


Protocols for Gatherings

All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer!

If you plan on holding or hosting a Gathering on June 21st, please contact us so that we may compile a list. If you would like your listing information to be posted, please indicate the name of the site, directions, contact person and number or email. This will allow others in your area to find and join your celebration.

Send us your info

Whether it is a Temple, Church Congregation, religious organization or Mosques, if people are gathering in communities, openly upon the earth or Sacred Sites, please note that proper protocols of Indigenous representation for any particular ceremonial activity should be done. An Indigenous Traditional representative should be present to run their particular ceremony.

If desired; we as First Nation People are willing to share the sacred fire and offering of tobacco with prayers in a united effort. We feel that all that is needed to gather is: to have people bring a gift of food to share, as a pot luck and their energy of concerned prayers. This is also the safest and most respectful way to treat Indigenous Traditional values and concerns of proper protocol. (Wolakota sponsored WPPD events have always only used the fire and tobacco circles for the united effort of prayers.)

Out of respect for Sacred Ceremonies to not be advertised on the internet, if you are listing a traditional ceremonial rites of a particular Indigenious Nation, we only will post a general location of where people are doing prayers.

Any extra financial needs can be raised through grass root funding. We highly stress that no major grant writing should be done. This should be an opportunity to empower the people’s desire to come together to pray for Grandmother Earth. (*note: if you are aware of this boundary of respect being crossed, please contact the webmaster.

Pilamaya (thank you) for supporting this effort for Peace and the protection of our Grandmother Earth and her Sacred Sites.

February 2004

Wodakota News

February 2004

Our year begins with the commitment to World Peace & Prayer Day, Japan. The Organizing Committee in Japan has been hard at work for the past 2 years for their June 21st celebration. Please see their website for specific information regarding the event: WPPD-Japan.

We are deeply honored and grateful to reknown Japanese artist Akino Isamu for this years’ beautiful artwork. The image – depicting the firery Mt. Fuji, the animal nations, and historic figures – speaks of their deep, indigenous cultural connection. Check out their website for more. 

Prayer Run 2005

Wodakota News

Prayer Run 2005

Prayer Run for World Peace 2005 was Wodakota Youth Council’s first large scale project involving numerous First Nation Tribes and including many non-native youth participants, from all cultures across the Nation. Starting in May 2005 groups, from the four directions started their run: the West group: Los Angeles, CA, North group: Manitoba, Canada, the East group: Long Island, New York and the Southern group: Mexico and El Paso, Texas. The Youth concluded their run in the Black Hills, Peidmont, SD and participated in the 10th annual World Peace and Prayer Day.

(WPPD) ceremony between June !8th and June 21st. Through their journey to South Dakota,youth, the participants witnessed their own ability to build self confidence: a realization that they can overcome difficult obstacles in life, and were able to build a common bond with the otheryouth participants, who held the same goals for the future.

Prayer Ride for World Peace From the North, a Horse Bundle was carried by riders from Cypress Hills Saskatchewan and Runners which began in May 2005. Their route brought them across Montana and through many Tribal communities. As much as 15 youth stayed on their horses all the way to the event on June 18th at Elk Creek Resort, Piedmont, SD, joining up with the Runners from the four directions. It was a beautiful site to see the horses and runners come in to the beginning of the event of WPPD. They brought all their prayers in one hoop of unity.

After lighting the sacred fire all the riders and runners enjoyed a restful event of visiting and meeting of ideas for the future in another Run. The following 3 days, were filled with messages from different Indigenous Nations, Religious and Spiritual Leaders and also educational session on sustainable development. At the conclusion of the event, the Cree Nation gifted the participants in a Horse Ceremony. The completion was a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that no matter how hard the journey was on horseback, running and organizing, the feeling was a blessing and hope for our future generations!

Prayer Run 2006

Wodakota News

Prayer Run 2006

Prayer Run for World Peace 2006 completed their commitment 2006 from Vancouver, British Columbia and trek up to Eklutna, Alaska. During their 2261.75 mile journey they vested with communities and held speaking engagements regarding the dire need to create alternative sustainable living resources, importance of protecting Sacred Sites and maintaining a more peaceful relationship with all countries throughout the world. Against all odds, they completed their journey and commitment to the creator.

Across the World 2006

Wodakota News

Across the World 2006

“YES!” We are done with our commitment! World Peace and Prayer Day returned to the Black Hills of South Dakota for a “Thank You” (wopila) ceremony after traveling to South America, Ireland, Africa, Australia and Japan, as we joined in activating their Sacred Sites with united prayer. We also continue to work towards having June 21st recognized by the United Nations as “Honoring Sacred Sites Day”, in an effort to protect places that people consider sacred.

IN 2005, Cristina Perez and Kendell Bohn from KC Fine Art Studios who created the beautiful white animal designs that we’ve used for our commemoratives. Christina, by the way, was involved with WPPD in our last Wopila when we traveled the four directions on Turtle Island in 2000, so we’re glad to have her back. Our third artist, is our very own Grace Horne (Wodakota Youth Council). Among her many attributes, Graci is a talented watercolorist and has been busy creating a special piece for this years gathering. Stay tuned for the unveiling…


WPPD 2004

The National Horse Protection Coalition

Coverage of the Big Foot Ride 2000

Canadian Unity Ride 2004


Wolakota Foundation is a Cultural, Educational Spiritual Foundation born out of the needs to traditional Lakota, Dakota and Nakota peoples to aid them in perserving the traditional way of life.

This Foundation at present has four main areas of focus:

1) World Peace and Prayer Day
2) WolakotaYouth Council
3) S’unka Wakan Project
4)Wolakota Institute

In the future, Wolakota may undertake other specific projects in accordance with its general powers as a South Dakota non-profit corporation and as a Federal IRS sec. 501(c)(3). and their content is the property of Wolakota Foundation and may not be duplicated in any manner without expressed written permission. Excerpts are allowed for educational purposes only. All graphics and identity elements are original artwork created by Design Omnea for exclusive use by Wolakota Foundation with Copyright laws applied. Any unauthorize use or misrepresentation of identity will be prosecuted.


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