Buat Strategi Cepat Ketika Bermain Poker Online

Ada satu resep untuk bisa menang poker online ala profesional dan caranya adalah bermain dengan strategi sesuai kondisi permainan saat itu. Bagaimana caranya untuk bisa menjadi pemain judi yang handal dan mampu memperoleh begitu banyak uang dari hasil kemenangan mereka? Seringkali para pemain pemula selalu berpikir hal seperti itu dan pastinya Anda juga pernah melakukan hal yang serupa ketika bermain poker AhliQQ. Akan tetapi, bettor juga harus tahu satu resep untuk dapat menang bahkan di setiap permainan judi apa saja yang mereka mainkan kecuali yang bentuknya murni keberuntungan.

Buat Strategi Sesuai Kondisi Permainan Poker Online Saat Itu

Jangan berpikir strategi apapun yang jauh karena ketika Anda bermain poker online, sudah pasti permainannya akan berbeda dengan bayangan Anda apalagi banyak kejadian dan situasi yang tidak terduga di dalamnya. Karena itulah, berpikir tentang strategi yang jauh juga tidak akan cukup membantu Anda sama sekali. Sebaliknya Anda mencoba untuk membuat strategi cepat sesuai dengan kondisi yang Anda hadapi saat itu di permainan yang Anda mainkan dalam waktu yang singkat.

Misalkan Anda berada di dalam permainan poker. Anda sudah memegang kartu suit kembar yang jelas akan menguntungkan. Namun Anda juga harus memutuskan langsung dengan cepat apakah akan call dulu atau langsung raise. Pikirkan apa resikonya jika Anda langsung raise sejak awal. Pastinya banyak bettor lain yang tidak mau bermain karena mereka sudah merasa ada tekanan sejak awal karena taruhan yang besar dari Anda. Namun pikirkan juga bagaimana jika Anda hanya call.

Bisa jadi masih ada bettor yang memegang kartu lebih tinggi dan bisa membuat komposisi susunan kartu yang sempurna. Anda sebaiknya berpikir saat itu juga dan menentukan keputusan Anda. Jangan dulu berpikir yang muluk-muluk maupun yang bertele-tele untuk sesuatu di masa depan karena hal seperti ini karena belum tentu terjadi. Contohnya Anda sudah berpikir bahwa nantinya Anda memperoleh kartu hands kembar. Namun kenyataan di meja poker, Anda tidak memperoleh kartu yang tunggu.

Situasi yang berlaku saat itu merupakan situasi terkini dimana Anda bisa memperoleh keuntungan dengan cepat. Dengan berpikir strategi cepat secara langsung, maka Anda pun akan terlatih berada dibawah tekanan langsung dan Anda bisa mengatasinya suatu saat nanti. Jangan berpikir dengan sangat rumit dulu karena apa yang Anda pikirkan tak selamanya bisa terjadi. Untuk itulah, Anda harus siap dengan kondisi poker online apapun juga di dalamnya.


The Benefit of Straight Bet in Sportsbook Online

Is there a benefit for people who choose straight bet in sportsbook online? Yes it is and it is better than parlay. Gambling is the risky activity you need to know but many of them choose this activity to make money in short time with high amount. Sportsbook might be the best site for agen bola and you can choose it if you love sports. However, you need to decide whether you want to choose straight bet or parlay in this game. Most experts of sportsbook online in this game recommend the beginners to choose straight game because this is the best way to save their money while adapting in the game.

However, if you are not sure at all in playing with parlay, then you have to go with straight bet. There is a benefit you can get by using straight bet for your game. One thing, you can focus and concentrate more on the game. If you use parlay, then you can’t concentrate well and you may divide your mind into several games at once. However, if you just choose single bet, then you can concentrate fully on one match and you can just think so much what to do and what to predict without spending much time.

If you can’t think so well in parlay and it is hard for you to concentrate in many games, then straight bet is the perfect one for you in agen bola online. Don’t underestimate straight bet at all because this game can be so advantageous for you especially those who don’t want to take a risk at all in gambling.


Protocols for Gatherings

All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer!

If you plan on holding or hosting a Gathering on June 21st, please contact us so that we may compile a list. If you would like your listing information to be posted, please indicate the name of the site, directions, contact person and number or email. This will allow others in your area to find and join your celebration.

Send us your info

Whether it is a Temple, Church Congregation, religious organization or Mosques, if people are gathering in communities, openly upon the earth or Sacred Sites, please note that proper protocols of Indigenous representation for any particular ceremonial activity should be done. An Indigenous Traditional representative should be present to run their particular ceremony.

If desired; we as First Nation People are willing to share the sacred fire and offering of tobacco with prayers in a united effort. We feel that all that is needed to gather is: to have people bring a gift of food to share, as a pot luck and their energy of concerned prayers. This is also the safest and most respectful way to treat Indigenous Traditional values and concerns of proper protocol. (Wolakota sponsored WPPD events have always only used the fire and tobacco circles for the united effort of prayers.)

Out of respect for Sacred Ceremonies to not be advertised on the internet, if you are listing a traditional ceremonial rites of a particular Indigenious Nation, we only will post a general location of where people are doing prayers.

Any extra financial needs can be raised through grass root funding. We highly stress that no major grant writing should be done. This should be an opportunity to empower the people’s desire to come together to pray for Grandmother Earth. (*note: if you are aware of this boundary of respect being crossed, please contact the webmaster.

Pilamaya (thank you) for supporting this effort for Peace and the protection of our Grandmother Earth and her Sacred Sites.

February 2004

Wodakota News

February 2004

Our year begins with the commitment to World Peace & Prayer Day, Japan. The Organizing Committee in Japan has been hard at work for the past 2 years for their June 21st celebration. Please see their website for specific information regarding the event: WPPD-Japan.

We are deeply honored and grateful to reknown Japanese artist Akino Isamu for this years’ beautiful artwork. The image – depicting the firery Mt. Fuji, the animal nations, and historic figures – speaks of their deep, indigenous cultural connection. Check out their website for more. 

Prayer Run 2005

Wodakota News

Prayer Run 2005

Prayer Run for World Peace 2005 was Wodakota Youth Council’s first large scale project involving numerous First Nation Tribes and including many non-native youth participants, from all cultures across the Nation. Starting in May 2005 groups, from the four directions started their run: the West group: Los Angeles, CA, North group: Manitoba, Canada, the East group: Long Island, New York and the Southern group: Mexico and El Paso, Texas. The Youth concluded their run in the Black Hills, Peidmont, SD and participated in the 10th annual World Peace and Prayer Day.

(WPPD) ceremony between June !8th and June 21st. Through their journey to South Dakota,youth, the participants witnessed their own ability to build self confidence: a realization that they can overcome difficult obstacles in life, and were able to build a common bond with the otheryouth participants, who held the same goals for the future.

Prayer Ride for World Peace From the North, a Horse Bundle was carried by riders from Cypress Hills Saskatchewan and Runners which began in May 2005. Their route brought them across Montana and through many Tribal communities. As much as 15 youth stayed on their horses all the way to the event on June 18th at Elk Creek Resort, Piedmont, SD, joining up with the Runners from the four directions. It was a beautiful site to see the horses and runners come in to the beginning of the event of WPPD. They brought all their prayers in one hoop of unity.

After lighting the sacred fire all the riders and runners enjoyed a restful event of visiting and meeting of ideas for the future in another Run. The following 3 days, were filled with messages from different Indigenous Nations, Religious and Spiritual Leaders and also educational session on sustainable development. At the conclusion of the event, the Cree Nation gifted the participants in a Horse Ceremony. The completion was a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that no matter how hard the journey was on horseback, running and organizing, the feeling was a blessing and hope for our future generations!

Prayer Run 2006

Wodakota News

Prayer Run 2006

Prayer Run for World Peace 2006 completed their commitment 2006 from Vancouver, British Columbia and trek up to Eklutna, Alaska. During their 2261.75 mile journey they vested with communities and held speaking engagements regarding the dire need to create alternative sustainable living resources, importance of protecting Sacred Sites and maintaining a more peaceful relationship with all countries throughout the world. Against all odds, they completed their journey and commitment to the creator.

Across the World 2006

Wodakota News

Across the World 2006

“YES!” We are done with our commitment! World Peace and Prayer Day returned to the Black Hills of South Dakota for a “Thank You” (wopila) ceremony after traveling to South America, Ireland, Africa, Australia and Japan, as we joined in activating their Sacred Sites with united prayer. We also continue to work towards having June 21st recognized by the United Nations as “Honoring Sacred Sites Day”, in an effort to protect places that people consider sacred.

IN 2005, Cristina Perez and Kendell Bohn from KC Fine Art Studios who created the beautiful white animal designs that we’ve used for our commemoratives. Christina, by the way, was involved with WPPD in our last Wopila when we traveled the four directions on Turtle Island in 2000, so we’re glad to have her back. Our third artist, is our very own Grace Horne (Wodakota Youth Council). Among her many attributes, Graci is a talented watercolorist and has been busy creating a special piece for this years gathering. Stay tuned for the unveiling…


WPPD 2004 Japanworldpeaceandprayerday.org


The National Horse Protection Coalition

Coverage of the Big Foot Ride 2000

Canadian Unity Ride 2004


Wolakota Foundation is a Cultural, Educational Spiritual Foundation born out of the needs to traditional Lakota, Dakota and Nakota peoples to aid them in perserving the traditional way of life.

This Foundation at present has four main areas of focus:

1) World Peace and Prayer Day
2) WolakotaYouth Council
3) S’unka Wakan Project
4)Wolakota Institute

In the future, Wolakota may undertake other specific projects in accordance with its general powers as a South Dakota non-profit corporation and as a Federal IRS sec. 501(c)(3).
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Thank you for your interest and support of Wolakota Foundation and our various projects. For further information, please select from the emails listed,
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Wolakota Foundation
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