Protocols for Gatherings

All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer!

If you plan on holding or hosting a Gathering on June 21st, please contact us so that we may compile a list. If you would like your listing information to be posted, please indicate the name of the site, directions, contact person and number or email. This will allow others in your area to find and join your celebration.

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Whether it is a Temple, Church Congregation, religious organization or Mosques, if people are gathering in communities, openly upon the earth or Sacred Sites, please note that proper protocols of Indigenous representation for any particular ceremonial activity should be done. An Indigenous Traditional representative should be present to run their particular ceremony.

If desired; we as First Nation People are willing to share the sacred fire and offering of tobacco with prayers in a united effort. We feel that all that is needed to gather is: to have people bring a gift of food to share, as a pot luck and their energy of concerned prayers. This is also the safest and most respectful way to treat Indigenous Traditional values and concerns of proper protocol. (Wolakota sponsored WPPD events have always only used the fire and tobacco circles for the united effort of prayers.)

Out of respect for Sacred Ceremonies to not be advertised on the internet, if you are listing a traditional ceremonial rites of a particular Indigenious Nation, we only will post a general location of where people are doing prayers.

Any extra financial needs can be raised through grass root funding. We highly stress that no major grant writing should be done. This should be an opportunity to empower the people’s desire to come together to pray for Grandmother Earth. (*note: if you are aware of this boundary of respect being crossed, please contact the webmaster.

Pilamaya (thank you) for supporting this effort for Peace and the protection of our Grandmother Earth and her Sacred Sites.