Prayer Run 2005

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Prayer Run 2005

Prayer Run for World Peace 2005 was Wodakota Youth Council’s first large scale project involving numerous First Nation Tribes and including many non-native youth participants, from all cultures across the Nation. Starting in May 2005 groups, from the four directions started their run: the West group: Los Angeles, CA, North group: Manitoba, Canada, the East group: Long Island, New York and the Southern group: Mexico and El Paso, Texas. The Youth concluded their run in the Black Hills, Peidmont, SD and participated in the 10th annual World Peace and Prayer Day.

(WPPD) ceremony between June !8th and June 21st. Through their journey to South Dakota,youth, the participants witnessed their own ability to build self confidence: a realization that they can overcome difficult obstacles in life, and were able to build a common bond with the otheryouth participants, who held the same goals for the future.

Prayer Ride for World Peace From the North, a Horse Bundle was carried by riders from Cypress Hills Saskatchewan and Runners which began in May 2005. Their route brought them across Montana and through many Tribal communities. As much as 15 youth stayed on their horses all the way to the event on June 18th at Elk Creek Resort, Piedmont, SD, joining up with the Runners from the four directions. It was a beautiful site to see the horses and runners come in to the beginning of the event of WPPD. They brought all their prayers in one hoop of unity.

After lighting the sacred fire all the riders and runners enjoyed a restful event of visiting and meeting of ideas for the future in another Run. The following 3 days, were filled with messages from different Indigenous Nations, Religious and Spiritual Leaders and also educational session on sustainable development. At the conclusion of the event, the Cree Nation gifted the participants in a Horse Ceremony. The completion was a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that no matter how hard the journey was on horseback, running and organizing, the feeling was a blessing and hope for our future generations!