Wolakota Foundation is a Cultural, Educational Spiritual Foundation born out of the needs to traditional Lakota, Dakota and Nakota peoples to aid them in perserving the traditional way of life.

This Foundation at present has four main areas of focus:

1) World Peace and Prayer Day
2) WolakotaYouth Council
3) S’unka Wakan Project
4)Wolakota Institute

In the future, Wolakota may undertake other specific projects in accordance with its general powers as a South Dakota non-profit corporation and as a Federal IRS sec. 501(c)(3). and their content is the property of Wolakota Foundation and may not be duplicated in any manner without expressed written permission. Excerpts are allowed for educational purposes only. All graphics and identity elements are original artwork created by Design Omnea for exclusive use by Wolakota Foundation with Copyright laws applied. Any unauthorize use or misrepresentation of identity will be prosecuted.